Who can use Whiplash Navigator?

Whiplash Navigator is suitable for any person who has experienced a whiplash injury either as a result of a motor vehicle collision, or another incident. While developed in Australia, the messages are suitable for people residing internationally. 

Does using Whiplash Navigator mean I don’t need to visit my health professional?

Whiplash Navigator is designed to complement the information and care you receive from your physiotherapist, GP, or other health professional, but not replace it.

You should still visit your health professional to discuss your progress throughout your recovery. You should also speak with them if you have any questions about information or exercises on Whiplash Navigator.

Do I need to complete the Whiplash Assessment Questionnaire (WhipPredict)?

No, completing Whiplash Assessment Questionnarire (WhipPredict) is voluntary. The Whiplash Assessment Questionnarire (WhipPredict) is helpful to guide your recovery . If you chose to complete it:

  1. You can complete this online and email it to your health care professional. Click here to complete the Whiplash Assessment Questionnaire (WhipPredict) online.
  2. You can download the questionnaire, complete it and give it to your nominated health professional at your next appointment.
  3. The team who developed this website are currently conducting research on how useful Whiplash Navigator is in helping people recover from whiplash injury. You can select to also participate in the study by reading the study information and completing the consent form online. If you do this, the researchers will contact you and also collect information on your recovery over time .