What is Whiplash Navigator?

If you have a whiplash injury

Whiplash Navigator is a self-directed program that has been developed to guide people in their recovery following whiplash injury. Most people recover well from a whiplash injury although at different rates. No injury is the same as another. Therefore, this comprehensive program has been developed with information and exercises to help you track and take control of your recovery.

Whiplash Navigator is based on the best available scientific evidence about whiplash. Throughout your recovery you will work with your nominated health professional. In some cases, you will also be guided by another health professional with specialist expertise in whiplash treatment.

Whiplash Navigator has been created by a group of Australian researchers and health professionals who are experts in whiplash recovery. They are committed to ensuring that you receive the best available information and guidance as you work towards your recovery.

The program is being run as part of a research project by The University of Queensland and the University of Sydney.

Your participation in this program will help the researchers to continue to develop and improve the program so it can be made more widely available.

Patient information

If you are a health professional

Whiplash Navigator will assist you to track your patient’s recovery and will provide you with useful clinician resources based on best-practice guidelines.

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What will Whiplash Navigator do for me?

Whiplash Navigator empowers you to take control of your whiplash recovery through comprehensive information, expert advice and recommended exercises.

It provides a guide to self-directed recovery that should be used to complement the care being provided by your health professional.

Your nominated health professional can also track your recovery on Whiplash Navigator. This way, they can talk with you about your recovery and assist you with extra care if you need it.  

How it works

If you have a whiplash injury

People with a whiplash injury in New South Wales and Queensland will be invited to participate in the Whiplash Navigator program. However, anyone can apply to be part of the program by emailing: whiplashresearch@uq.edu.au or trudy.rebbeck@sydney.edu.au.

When you first log in to Whiplash Navigator, you will complete two brief questionnaires about your injury and how you are feeling. This will help you and your health professional to understand more about your injury and how it impacts your daily life.

During the program, you will receive reminders to complete these questionnaires again. Your nominated health professional will also keep track of your progress so they can work with you in your recovery. They may also consult with you about any additional care you may need, such as seeking advice from another health professional with specialist expertise in whiplash injury.

As part of Whiplash Navigator, you will have access to information and exercises. You should read this information and regularly complete your exercises as part of your recovery.

If you are a health professional

If you are a health professional, Whiplash Navigator will link you to your patient so you can follow their recovery. You can also use information on this website to discuss care options with your patient.

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