Whiplash Navigator Steps

Whiplash Navigator is a self-directed program that has been developed to guide people in their recovery following whiplash injury.

To complement your management, patients are able to access Australian Guideline-based information and exercises. You may also choose to customise exercises from this section for your patient using the Whiplash Navigator Exercise Dosage Chart.

Your patient will be asked to complete a number of steps during their recovery to give you and the research team information about their progress.

These steps are:

Step 1: Complete a Clinical Prediction Rule assessment at baseline and 6-week post-injury. (What’s this?)

Step 2: Complete a Recovery Assessment questionnaire at baseline, 3, 6 and 12-months post-injury. (What’s this?)

Step 3: Regularly complete exercises listed in Whiplash info and exercises (or as directed by their health professional).


What is the Clinical Prediction Rule (CPR)?

The Clinical Prediction Rule is a validated patient-completed tool that predicts the likelihood of developing on-going moderate to severe pain and disability or experiencing full recovery from whiplash injury.

The questionnaire encompasses the Neck Disability Index (NDI) and some items that relate to post-traumatic stress symptoms. Please note that for patients this questionnaire is referred to as the 'Whiplash Assessment Questionnaire'.

What are the Recovery Assessment Questionnaires?

The Recovery Assessment Questionnaires are patient-completed questionnaires that assess overall functional and emotional recovery from whiplash injury.

The results from these questionnaires will inform the research evaluating the whiplash recovery program.

  • Patients from NSW will be directed to complete the University of Sydney questionnaires.
  • Patients from Queensland will be directed to complete the University of Queensland questionnaires.

The information collected through these questionnaires will be used for research purposes only. All information will be de-identified and results will not be stored on this website.