Introducing the stress management learning series!

Below are a series of modules you can go through to learn about the relationship between stress and pain. Using stress management and coping strategies can help reduce stress and its impact on the body to help your recovery from a whiplash injury.

The modules demonstrate how to manage and cope with stress and setbacks. Your physiotherapist might have recommended these modules to you to complete to complement physical therapy for whiplash injury. Or you can complete these modules by yourself. Either way, you will learn about effective strategies and techniques to manage stress, including how to:

  • incorporate body scans and abdominal breathing exercises into a regular routine
  • use problem solving skills for challenges you may experience
  • develop helpful coping techniques to deal with stressful situations
  • prepare and regularly review your coping plans.


Click on the tiles below to enter a module.

Managing stress and relaxation techniques

Module 1
Duration: 20 min


Using problem solving techniques

Module 2
Duration: 20 min


Coping statements

Module 3
Duration: 20 min

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